Conspiracy theorists try to set snow on fire because it is "fake"

A new viral phenomenon is spreading on the TikTok platform: people are filming videos in which they try to set fire to lighters ... ordinary snowballs. They do this because they believe in the conspiracy theory that the ecophilanthropist Bill Gates is creating "fake snow" all over the world for insidious purposes. Yes, that's it.

In the videos posted, people hold dense, solid snowballs over the flames of lighters, candles, and other sources of fire. At the same time, for some reason, snowballs do not melt, but burn (in fact, this kindles rumors of a global conspiracy). Proponents of the theory believe that this is because metals are hiding in the snow and Bill Gates is somehow to blame for this.

But what is really going on? In fact, the "truth-revelers" simply do not know the basics of physics. An open flame has a very high temperature and causes solid snow to sublimate directly into steam, bypassing the liquid water phase. It is sublimation that gives, for example, dry ice (that is, frozen carbon dioxide - ed. Tekhkult) its famous and spectacular effect of liquid smoke. Carbon is very difficult to turn into a liquid; it passes from a solid to a gaseous state much more easily.

Ordinary snow (frozen water) turns into steam, bypassing the liquid phase, because each substance has a so-called triple point - the temperature at which this substance is in all three main phase states. The triple point of water is the point of equilibrium, which is maintained at a temperature of 0, 0075 ° C and a pressure of 6, 11657 mbar. Due to its specific physical properties, under certain conditions, solid snow can evaporate as quickly as liquid water.

So why do conspiracy theorists consider such "strange" snow to be fake? In their view, this "artificial" snow is created and used specifically to control the weather on the planet - heavy snowfalls are part of a global conspiracy that aims to give the governments of different countries more authority and power over citizens. And the main executor of this villainous plan is in the past the richest man on the planet, billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates.