At the bottom of the Cannes Cote d'Azur, strange stone heads were installed

The story of a prisoner in a French dungeon with an iron mask on his head, which he could not remove, received a symbolic continuation in modern times. The artist Jason de Cayres Taylor has completed his "Cannes Underwater Museum" project, which is located near the island of Sainte-Marguerite - less than a kilometer from Cannes. The word "museum" is nothing more than a convention - in fact, it is a grandiose underwater installation created to attract tourists.

The artist spent a lot of time getting to know the locals and studying their faces. They had to be representatives of different ages, professions and lifestyles: for example, 80-year-old fisherman Maurice and 9-year-old schoolboy Anouk. The images of their faces were enlarged many times, divided into two parts, the effects of "mask" were added, and then sculpted forms were made.

The material of the heads is kept under wraps. Each of them weighs at least 10 tons, is more than 2 m in height and is installed at a depth of more than 3 m. The place was chosen specifically for the convenience of visiting by novice divers. Despite the seeming simplicity, the project took four years to complete, because the entire seabed near the coast was littered with garbage. It had to be removed over a wide area so as not to spoil the view and to minimize the risk for visitors to the facility. Over time, marine flora and fauna will return here, and the mysterious stone heads will become part of the underwater landscape.