The new head of NASA will lead the space agency from the basement of his home

Personnel and administrative changes are underway at NASA - the former head, Jim Bridenstine, has left his post, but he has not yet been appointed a successor. This is one of the responsibilities of newly elected President Biden, but he still has too many other, more urgent things to do. Therefore, the space agency was temporarily headed by Steve Yurchik, who announced that he would operate it, in fact, from the basement of his own house.

Steve Yurchik is a very competent administrator, he has been the assistant director of NASA since 2018 and knows his business. Relocation of the study to the basement is both a forced and partly demonstrative measure. With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, NASA had to close offices and laboratories, sending some employees on vacation, and transferring others to remote work. Specialists from the Curiosity rover team coped with the task and controlled the device at a distance of tens of millions of kilometers from their homes.

Now is the time for NASA's top management to show that they too can work in non-standard conditions - in particular, right from their own homes. By the way, Yurchik is known for his progressive views, for example, he prefers to commute to work on an environmentally friendly electric train, instead of being idle in his car in traffic jams.