Inventor Mike Chow builds a fitness machine to play Mario Kart

A series of quarantines and lockdowns last year formulated a new urgent task - people while away the time at home playing video games without any problems, but lack physical activity. It is logical that the best way to combine the two of these activities, however, specialized equipment and accessories are not cheap. An enthusiastic inventor, Mike Choi, figured out how to create the right solution out of handy parts and a few gadgets.

Choi took the game Mario Kart as a basis, since this is a race, and therefore it is convenient to link the movements of the characters on the screen to the rotation of real pedals and a steering wheel. The stand of the exercise machine is made of a cardboard box, the seat and pedals are from a real bike, and the Ring-Con accessory acts as a handlebar. Choi paired it up with a Joy-Con controller and a TAPBO robot, adding parts from Nintendo Labo to transform physical movements into signals for the game console.

The result is an entertaining fitness machine that forces the player to pedal to maintain effective speed in the game. You also need to turn the steering wheel desperately so as not to fly off the virtual track. The only drawback is that this design is incompatible with other games by default, it requires special revision.