Unusual jubilee: 50 years since the whale was blown up in Oregon

November 12 marked exactly 50 years from the date of a significant event - on this day in 1970 in the state of Oregon (USA) a whale was blown up. Literally. The demolition team laid a large amount of TNT to liquidate the corpse of a whale thrown on a local beach near the city of Florence. Spoiler alert: The video of the beach, strewn with meat scraps after the explosion, went down in journalism history.

The elimination of the mammal was overseen by George Thornton, a road construction expert. It was logical that he had never blown up dead whales, so George was not sure how much explosives would be required for this. As a result, he settled on the figure of 500 kg of TNT. Immediately after the explosion, it became clear that this was a little too much. First, the explosion radius exceeded the size of the whale monstrously (its length was about 15 meters). Secondly, all those present at the historic event immediately rained meat scraps. Reporter Paul Lynnman, who covered the operation, recalled that before his eyes, a piece of frozen whale blubber the size of a small table flattened the car.

Blubber is almost completely hardened animal fat, and a bowling ball-sized chunk weighs about three kilograms. It is not hard to imagine what several hundred bowling balls could do, which were thrown 30 meters into the air and allowed to fall back to the ground. Fortunately, no one was hurt that day. But the video of the whale fireworks has spread all over the news broadcasts and has become a legend.