Tesla has released its own tequila - in a stylish bottle and priced at $ 250

What began as an April Fool's joke for two years has suddenly become a reality - Tesla has launched its own tequila, which is sold in stylish bottles shaped like a zigzag of lightning. The drink came out very exclusive, the price of one bottle is $ 250.

On April 1, 2018, Musk published a message about Tesla's bankruptcy, and a snapshot appeared on the network in which he lies, allegedly unconscious, in the middle of a heap of empty Teslakila bottles. A few months later, Musk announced that he would indeed release such a drink someday, and even showed the first sketch of his bottle design. The tweet sparked outrage at Mexican regulator CRT, which makes sure that all tequila producers in the world adhere to strict guidelines for tequila dispensing.

It seems that Musk liked the idea of ​​the Teslakila brand so much that the company actually mastered the production of the drink - however, the name had to be changed to the more conservative Tesla Tequila, although Tesla applied for registration of the original Teslaquila.

Tesla's liquor belongs to the type of aged tequila aniejo. It matures for 15 months in French oak barrels - by comparison, most tequilas of this type are aged from one to three years. The drink is produced by the Californian company Nosotros Tequila, and the raw materials for it are sourced from the Mexican state of Jalisco, which follows the regulatory requirements of the CRT board.