Under quarantine conditions, cinemas offer to play their favorite games on a giant screen

Cinemas suffered greatly during the period of self-isolation, having fallen under many restrictions and, in fact, on the verge of bankruptcy. In order to somehow compensate for the shortage of customers, some film chains began to look for alternative ways of earning money. For example, the British cinema chain Odeon came up with the idea of ​​renting out rooms to gamers who are not averse to playing their favorite games on a giant screen. The service price starts from 100 British pounds (130 dollars).

Odeon does not say how long a session lasts or what games are available to customers, but the price of the party, if divided by a group of friends, looks quite attractive.

In the US, cinema owners are also not wasting their time. The Alamo Drafthouse chain has begun leasing cinemas to those wishing to watch their favorite films with friends. For $ 150, you can get a room with all the necessary equipment and invite up to 30 guests to a personal session. True, the price includes only the booking of the hall - each visitor will have to buy an entrance ticket at the standard price.

Major American networks AMC and Cinemark also announced that they are ready to offer cinemas to everyone. For the former, it is especially important that this plan works - the company recently announced that it would run out of money before the end of this year. Amid a pandemic and self-isolation, its profits fell 98% compared to last year.

Famous YouTube blogger PewDiePie posted a post thanking the Odeon network for the opportunity to play games on the movie screen