German designer has developed a comfortable folding kayak weighing only 6 kg

German designer Daniel Schult has developed one of the lightest and simplest kayak boat models to date. His startup is called CLR Kayak and uses an origami-style folding technique. Only instead of paper, it uses durable corrugated polypropylene with a protective coating of synthetic rubber.

The boat consists of solid polypropylene sheets, flexibly fastened to each other and fixed with straps and aluminum fasteners. When unfolded, the kayak is 340 cm long, 65 cm wide and has a lifting capacity of 118 kg. The rower has a built-in seat with a foam back. When folded, the boat has dimensions of 70x50x6 cm and with its own weight of 6 kg it can be easily carried on the back like a backpack. The transfer time from one position to another is only 1-2 minutes.

At the stage of fundraising for a startup, the price of one origami kayak is 529 euros. This is not the only current project of this kind, plastic product lovers can appreciate the startups Hypar and Tucktec. There is also an American company, Oru, which produces polypropylene folding kayaks. But they are heavier, more complex and more expensive than Schult's development, so he fully expects to compete with them.