Nvidia Sells RTX 3090 and AMD Sells ... Bicycle

AMD Custom Mountain Bike

The age-old confrontation between Nvidia and AMD takes a new and strange turn. In the wake of Nvidia, which announced the launch of its groundbreaking line of RTX 3000 graphics cards, AMD also made an announcement. She announced the sale of ... a bicycle.

In addition to its main site, AMD maintains a dedicated online fan store that sells a variety of brand-related products. These are mainly caps, T-shirts, water bottles and other accessories. Now a bicycle suddenly entered these slender rows.

The company offers two models: the urban AMD Custom Cruiser Bike and the AMD Custom Mountain Bike. Both cost an extremely democratic $ 299. Both are black and white with orange accents and AMD paraphernalia. And both represent extremely unpretentious models that are unlikely to be of interest to more or less enthusiastic cyclists.

The AMD Custom Mountain Bike offers two-suspension, steel frame, 21 gears, v-brakes and 26-inch wheels. For whom such a configuration is designed is absolutely unclear, it is not suitable for technical descents or for enduro trips. The AMD Custom Cruiser Bike is doing slightly better. This is a simple city bike with a foot brake and a single gear. It is quite suitable for city trips, although the geometry of the frame raises questions regarding its ergonomics.

But the main intrigue remains the same - why did AMD decide to sell little-good bicycles, while its main competitor is releasing one of the most sensational video cards of recent years?

AMD Custom Cruiser Bike