A special version of Monopoly is released today, dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the game Pac-Man

The famous game Pac-Man is 40 years old. To celebrate this major anniversary, it was decided to launch a new version of another legendary game, Monopoly, with Pac-Man as its central theme. It will include a digital banking module that will offer an arcade mini-game every time a player's tokens cross the Start space.

Pac-Man's new Monopoly Arcade will be a game for points, not money. Players will be able to earn them through mini-games in the same digital module. The received points can be spent on the purchase of new levels (analogous to real estate from the classic Monopoly). Each player will have a plastic arcade coin that can be inserted into the bank module to check their points balance, buy, sell and steal levels, pay rent and play mini-games.

The game board itself has also undergone changes. You play as Pac-Man, but there is also a ghost token on the field. You will roll a die for the ghost to determine how far it can go. However, it is not yet known what will happen if he catches you. Perhaps you will go to jail. Also, there are Energy Drops and Buffs on the field, which replaced the Public Funds and Chances of the traditional Monopoly. Instead of railway stations, Labyrinths appeared in the game.

Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man costs $ 30 and will go on sale August 1st.