Pablo Escobar's brother demands $ 2.6 billion in compensation from Apple for moral suffering

The brother of the famous drug lord Pablo Escobar - Roberto - found another way to attract attention by filing a lawsuit against Apple. He claims that he suffered from low-quality software in the iPhone and demands from the IT giant colossal compensation, as much as $ 2.6 billion. For comparison, when the European Commission fined Apple for real, and not imaginary, sins in the field of antitrust law, the amount of punishment was where less - only $ 1.49 billion.

But what happened? Roberto Escobar claims that last year he received a telephone consultation from Apple technical support, where he was assured that the company's products are reliably protected and free from vulnerabilities. Escobar happily bought an iPhone, launched FaceTime, and activated a well-known and well-documented exploit. After that, he began to receive strange letters, including the threat of reprisals, which led him "to severe emotional trauma."

Escobar insists that Apple's people are to blame for his torment. Firstly, the assurances about safety turned out to be a lie - for this he had to pay $ 100 million. Secondly, the company did not personally notify him of the exploit and did not interfere with its execution in any way, for which it owes him another $ 500 million. Finally, thirdly Escobar estimates the suffering from what he experienced at $ 2 billion. Total $ 2.6 billion for the harm caused to him by modern technologies.

The vulnerability in question was identified and fixed last summer, but Escobar may have accidentally or deliberately ignored the installation of the patch. And in general, the plaintiff's side is not very good with evidence, and Apple is silent. Experts believe that what is happening is nothing more than another black PR from Escobar, who has already been repeatedly caught on attempts to make money on other people's names and work.