Modular AdapTableTop system allows you to create a field for any board game

AdapTableTop is a unique board game system that uses additional platforms to create new floors and dimensions in the game space. The development is dedicated to all lovers of board and role-playing games who know perfectly well how difficult it is sometimes to distribute all objects in space during a game - to harmoniously fit a playing field, several hundred cards, chips and mugs with tea on one table.

According to the developers, the prerequisite for the emergence of AdapTableTop was a simple amateur project found on the Internet. He inspired the ATT system, which uses the same concept but in a more versatile way.

Within the framework of the project, the team members (themselves are avid fans of board games) focused on the functions, as they say, “for themselves”. To help other players have fewer gameplay problems and more ergonomic space. ATT platforms turned out to be smooth, stable, they are well regulated, easy to use and transport.

The ATT expansion with additional levels can be used in almost any board game. AdapTableTop also includes a range of 3D printable parts. The system is already available for purchase on Kickstarter at a price of 49 euros. Worldwide shipping is expected to start in February 2021.