The amateur photographer managed to photograph the ISS without leaving his home

A truly "sniper" photo of the ISS, taken by an American amateur photographer from his home using an advanced telescopic setup, has appeared on the social news site Reddit. One of the site's users estimated it could cost over $ 7, 000. According to the author of the picture, he tracked the ISS in the night sky manually using a viewfinder.

However, his story raised doubts from another user. In his post, he claims that it is technically impossible to make such a picture of an object flying at a speed of 27, 700 km / h using the listed set of technical means, which includes:

  • Telescope: Meade 14 "LX200;
  • Bed: SW EQ8;
  • Camera: ZWO ASI 174mm.

According to the critic, the ISS flies in the area at an angle of 30 degrees to the horizon for two minutes and "looks like a bright star." Skeptics also argue that it can easily be mistaken for an airplane.

However, everyone who wants to see the ISS with their own eyes can familiarize themselves with the schedule of its passage and, armed with the necessary instruments, establish observation of the desired area of ​​the sky.