This homemade nuclear reactor sells for only $ 3000

A student from New Zealand, on condition of anonymity, published an advertisement for the sale of a nuclear generator of his own design for $ 3, 000. He has no desire to exploit it himself - the guy wants to complete his studies, for which he will use the money from the sale of his invention. True, there are fears that the high-tech toy is greatly overvalued.

The description of the device is rather vague and filled with phrases like "excellent plasma generator", which was "manned by a qualified electrical engineer." A device was designed for a science fair, and when the first successes were achieved, the author of the invention realized that he could earn extra money on it. There will always be enthusiastic people in the world who will be interested in “playing” with nuclear reactions, especially for such a democratic price.

Complete with the reactor, the author promises to give 20 grams of deuterium oxide (heavy water) - the material necessary to start a nuclear reaction. But this is not a very valuable component, its cost is about $ 50. The designer also warns that the transformer should not be left on for more than 20 minutes. This means you will have very little time to produce neutrons.

Anyway, a home reactor is just a good source of beautiful violet light. Although it could "generate plasma" and "produce neutrons on an industrial scale." This young man is not the first to try to build a nuclear reactor in a garage, and many have made it far enough for scientists to take an interest in them. Or, at least, the police - after all, we are talking about radioactive substances.