Zoo activists demand to replace the famous weather forecaster Phil with a robot

Authorities in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania (USA) are faced with a problem - their famous tradition of predicting the coming of spring with the help of Phil's marmot is now under threat. The ritual, which has been held since 1887 and has been repeatedly covered in literature and cinema (including in the famous film "Groundhog Day"), displeases zoo activists from the PETA organization. They demand to stop exploiting the animal and replace it with an animatronic doll.

The main critics' argument is that the groundhog named Phil doesn't predict anything, it's just an extra on the people's show. Elders Punxsutawney determine the result of an imaginary check in advance that it has not been hiding for a long time; Moreover, the forecast itself has no power and no one uses it in an age when weather applications are in every smartphone.

And since all this is just a show, then stop torturing an animal that is in hibernation - the zoo activists insist. Build a robot, connect to it themed artificial intelligence from Google, which this month has taken machine learning to a new level of forecast accuracy.

The switch to robots and AI is a symbol of progress. Let the 150-year-old traditions be preserved, but new performers must be chosen. Young people of today live in an information environment and do not understand why take an animal in their hands in order to announce a verdict, the probability of which does not exceed 50/50. The robot will cope with the task, at least not worse.