Minigun-rubber cannon shoots at a speed of 200 rounds per minute

Weaponized T-Rex has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the mass production of the Rubber Band Minigun, an adult toy. This is a variation of the minigun machine gun that uses tiny rubber slingshots instead of powder cartridges. This makes it safe for enemy personnel, but does not deprive it of the ability to wreak havoc in the interior of an apartment or office - the device shoots far and, most importantly, very quickly.

The design of the toy machine gun is very similar to the real one. There is an electric drive that turns the barrel block, there is a central trigger that does not depend on it - you can frighten the enemy with one sound, without wasting ammunition. They must first be equipped with a special gear mechanism by pulling on throwing rubber bands. The machine gun has 12 barrels, 12 rubber bands on each, for a total of 144 shots. Alas, reloading is entirely manual, and therefore takes a long time.

There is also a black version that can be easily confused with a real weapon.

All parts of the machine gun, and there are 70 of them, are carved from wood on a CNC machine. The customer can choose the lacquered version or the sinister black painted version - it is $ 20 more expensive. The device is delivered assembled or disassembled, while it can be assembled by yourself in a couple of hours, without glue or welding. The cost starts at $ 94, deliveries start in February next year.