Broken monitor turned into original fluorescent lamp

The world is full of electronic goods that are not usable for their intended purpose due to "programmed aging". But this does not mean that they belong only in a landfill - in his video blog, British engineer Matthew Perks showed how you can benefit from an old flat monitor. He proceeded from the fact that most often the electronic filling or the outer part of the display breaks, but the backlight underneath is still suitable for work.

In the tutorial video, Perks shows you how to disassemble a monitor, separate the screen components from each other, and get that glowing panel. It is made in the form of an array, which consists of a scattering layer, a Fresnel layer, another diffuser and a set of LEDs. Their engineer recommended immediately replacing them with ordinary LED strips from the store so as not to have problems with the power supply.

All that remains is to remove the power cables and build a housing for a new luminaire - for example, from aluminum scraps. The end result is a large, flat lamp, bright enough to light up a staircase, dark basement, or attic. It looks like a window bathed in sunlight and can beautify any interior.