The Philippines passed a law requiring schoolchildren to plant at least 10 trees during their studies

As a result of illegal predatory logging between 1990 and 2005, the Philippines lost nearly a third of its forests. To address this problem, members of the Philippine Parliament Gary Alejano and Strike Revilla have proposed a bill that obliges all elementary, high school and college students to plant at least 10 trees before graduation, and up to 30 high school graduates.

According to Gary Alejano, if this law is implemented, at least 175 million trees will be planted in the country per year, and within just one generation this figure will be 525 million trees.

The bill also provides for control by a number of government agencies over the creation of nurseries for growing seedlings and the preparation of sites.

The initiative of the Philippine legislators is extremely timely in light of the catastrophic pace of deforestation on our planet. Forecasts show that in Australia alone, 3 million hectares of forest will disappear by 2030. Planting millions of new trees will help save the Earth from a colossal ecological crisis.