OGarden's round garden allows you to grow vegetables in any apartment

The innovative OGarden farm has received a major update and the Smart prefix. Structurally, this is an original vertical wheel with cells for beds, which rotates around a central light source. The basic plant care processes are automated and the product is ready for practical use.

The idea of ​​the round garden OGarden Smart is to place small-sized and light plants not horizontally, but around a light source in the form of a set of economical LED lamps. For this, a hollow cylinder with dimensions of 135x75x38 cm was designed, on the inner walls of which fasteners were installed for 60 cells with plants. Another 30 cells, with seedlings, are placed in a compartment under the wheel, and it itself constantly rotates so that gravity evenly affects all objects and does not create an overload on the root system.

In this wheel, you can grow small cherry tomatoes, strawberries, leafy greens, small peppers, as well as edible flowers or ornamental plants. In the second generation of OGarden, an automatic irrigation system appeared with a supply of water for 10 days and a mechanism for notifying the owner that it is time to replenish the supply. Garden power consumption has been reduced to 120 watts, and crops can now be harvested every 30-40 days.

The main advantage of such a garden is the ability to grow a lot of fresh vegetables in a small amount of usable space. The cost of the round garden itself, with an automation module and a seedling starter kit, is $ 500; it produces several kilograms of vegetables per month. The profitability can be calculated based on the prices of products in your region. Plus a bonus - in the absence of shopping in the store, you will have less to deal with plastic containers that pollute the environment.