Talented 19-year-old engineer creates his own lego prosthesis

You can find many Lego products on the Internet, but there is not what the future bioengineer David Aguilar created. David has no right hand. 10 years ago, this prompted him to create a prosthesis of his own design. He is currently working on the fourth version of the device - MK-4.

The first version, MK-1, was made just a year ago. During this time, Aguilar tried out several different Lego kits, including kits for building jet planes and construction vehicles, making them a self-powered prosthesis.

However, his ultimate goal is not limited to solving only his own problems. David wants to create an inexpensive yet reliable product that can be purchased by everyone who needs it. So, for example, the price of a standard leg prosthesis ranges from $ 5, 000 to $ 50, 000, excluding maintenance. Anyone who manages to offer more affordable prostheses will surely find interested buyers.