MakerPhone kit allows you to build and program your own smartphone

The Croatian studio CircuitMess, which has already established itself with the creation of the Makerbuino game console, is now launching a new project. It is called "MakerPhone" and offers the customer a complete kit for assembling their own smartphone. Its capabilities are at the level of budget-level models, but it is a great way to master many aspects of electronics and digital technologies - the new product is recommended for children aged 11 and older.

The MakerPhone comes with an LCD display with a diagonal of 1, 8 inches and a resolution of 128x160 pixels, a motherboard, a sound module with an electronic volume control, a 4 MB memory card, Wi-Fi, GSM and Bluetooth support modules. Also, the user is provided with a 128 MB SD card, a 600 mAh lithium-ion battery, a universal body and a whole scattering of LEDs. There are also programmable buttons, a separate numeric keypad, a 4-way mechanical joystick and many mounting parts.

Together with the hardware, there is an instruction and links to online resources, where the technologies for assembling and programming a smartphone are described in detail. You will have to arm yourself with a soldering iron and a screwdriver, the minimum assembly, setup and programming time of the device takes 7 hours. The result is a full-fledged entry-level phone that can make calls with a SIM card, access the Internet, run simple games, play music, etc.

MakerPhone is not a smartphone in its classical sense, but no one bothers users to write applications for it on their own, making the device "smarter" as much as they need. The price of the starter kit is $ 89, the startup is successfully collecting investments and will begin supplying goods in March 2019.