Video from Banksy shows a hidden shredder in his painting

On Friday, October 5, 2018, a one-of-a-kind event in the history of the Sotheby auction happened. The painting of the mystery artist Banksy "The Girl with the Ball" was destroyed immediately after the final blow of the hammer - it turned out that the author had secretly built a shredder into the massive frame. And while everyone was wondering what it was, Banksy posted a video of the preparation for this performance.

You can't blame the auction staff for not seeing the shredder in the frame. First, as follows from the video, Banksy deliberately hid it inside the structure. Secondly, the painting was exhibited as a whole lot together with the frame, as a whole. And this did not raise any questions from anyone, for that it is a work of art. But most importantly, nothing would have happened if Banksy or his accomplice had not come to the auction and activated the device at the right time.

The video contains spectacular footage from the auction room - how the hammer knocks, how the shredder turns on, how people around are trying to figure out what just happened. Most likely, the author of the video is the one who remotely activated the shredder, and he planned in advance so that the device would stop in the middle. People saw both the act of destruction and the miracle of preserving the main element of the picture - now there is no doubt that everything was thought out in detail from the beginning.

The most interesting thing is that now the picture costs at least twice as much, more precisely, reputable auctioneers can easily undertake to sell scraps at a price 50% more than paid. The buyer of "Girls with the Ball" laid out $ 1, 367, 471, but taking into account the enormous attention of the press, they are ready to buy what remains of the framed canvas for $ 2 million. an artifact of our era, whose value has no boundaries.