Homemade DolphinView headset lets you see the world like a dolphin

Ecologist Andrew Thaler, editor-in-chief of conservation site Southern Fried Science, has put together a DolphinView headset that lets you “see” like a dolphin. The device simulates an animal's echolocation system using lidar and bone conduction headphones.

Dolphins emit clicks - echolocation signals that bounce off objects around them and serve for orientation in space. The physiology of the dolphin's skull allows for the recognition of reflected signals using the jaw. Thaler tried to mimic this with bone-conductive headphones.

According to the creator, at first it is difficult to get used to an unusual perception. But soon the signals become familiar and it is possible with closed eyes to recognize open doorways, focusing only on vibrations. At the moment, DolphinView is not sold anywhere, but with the help of a simple instruction, which is publicly available, and inexpensive materials, you can design a headset yourself.