New LEGO set lets you build your very own RC Batmobile

Lego has unveiled a new line of construction sets called "Powered Up", as well as its first Batmobile set, controlled by an app.

The line will consist of several sets, differing in complexity. At the same time, it will be possible to collect several variants of toys from each set. Some of them can be battery operated, while others are remote controlled or controlled by applications. If users want additional functions, they will have to purchase the appropriate accessories for this.

Batmobile is controlled using two remote interfaces - in iOS / Android apps or via the remote control using sliders and buttons. Also a new coding interface will be released for the toy at the end of the year. Having mastered the coding technique, during the game, children will be able to set the speed, direction, sound and duration of movement, and even create new tricks.

The Batmobile will go on sale August 1st for $ 159. The kit includes 321 parts, two motors and a battery.