Ski cross champion skied with a jetpack behind his back

Philip Flisar, the leader of the Slovenian ski-cross team, distinguished himself in a new role for himself. Inspired by the example of "Jet Man" - Yves Rossi, Philip developed a jetpack for skiing.

Immediately it is necessary to make a reservation that only a high-class skier can use this contraption. The knapsack develops a traction of 40 kg, which allows it to accelerate to a speed of 120 km / h. The jet turbine rotates at 96, 000 rpm. The jet temperature reaches 850 ° C.

Philip Flisar with his help has more than once raced along the surrounding mountain slopes, the snow-covered plain of the Pokljuka plateau (Slovenia) and city streets, causing general admiration.

In the latest video of Flisar, created in collaboration with RedBull, he uses a jetpack to get home in time for lunch. In the process, the skier expertly moves through the streets and parks of his hometown of Mariboro (Slovenia).