Can a quadcopter cut a climbing rope?

While conquering airspace, the rotating blades of multicopters inevitably collide with many obstacles, such as birds. The question arises: "Is it possible, for example, to use them for ... cutting a climbing rope?"

Answering this question, most people will probably ask: "Why?" On reflection, you can offer the option: "To save your accomplice in a criminal offense from the death penalty by hanging."

It seems to be a complete absurdity, but an amateur climber and at the same time an active YouTube user, better known as jacksonlimbs, decided to find out from his own experience what would happen if the drone did get to the rope.

Both sides emerged from the battle of the "elements" with their heads held high - a draw. The drone bit the rope a little, making it not entirely safe for climbing. However, when the "researcher" nevertheless took advantage of her, she withstood it.