Licensed replica of the "smart machine gun" for killing xenomorphs - already on sale

Fans of the Alien saga know this futuristic weapon as the Vasquez big cannon. The very same one and a half meter unit with a belt attachment, from which the excessively gallant officer riddled not only a certain number of monsters, but also the reactor cooling system, provoking a thermonuclear explosion. It is difficult to obey the order and resist the temptation when such a "death machine" is in hand.

Attempts to create copies of the M56 machine gun, including workers, were made by fans of the film more than once. However, this sample comes straight from Hollywood workshops. It was created from original sketches by famed artist Giger and designer Sid Mead.

Fiberglass, metal, resin, hand-painted, including iconic designs. The decorative design does not shoot, however, it pleases with its weight, dimensions and appearance, which reflects the rich functionality of the ancestor of the series. For example, an infrared sight switch and a moving object sensor, as well as an unusual receiver and unusual control sticks.

The replica has an official Hollywood license as an entourage element used in the filming of sci-fi films. And therefore it costs as much as $ 1200, more expensive than many real machine guns. But from this you can destroy the vile xenomorphs. Who said adults can't go back to childhood?