Sand instead of snow - Peru's giant dunes beckon extreme skiers

GoPro cameras have been put to the test in a series of downhill skiing enthusiasts who set out to conquer the Sierro Blanco. The slopes of the largest of the dunes in the Nazca Plateau region are covered with fine, nasty sand that easily billows into the air if disturbed. But you can ride on it with a breeze - which is what a couple of extreme sportsmen did.

The height of the huge sand dune of the Sierra Blanco reaches 2 km, the slopes, convenient for skiing, start at 800 m. This is a deserted area, completely devoid of signs of civilization. To go upstairs, you will have to stomp on foot under the exhausting rays of the sun for several hours. Down, of course, is much easier to get to.

Jasper Tjader and Emma Dahlstrom belong to the category of extreme skiers who crave to ski all year round. And not necessarily in the snow - the sand dunes of Peru turned out to be an interesting platform for experiments. A short film was made about what it is like to go down a sandy slope at high speeds.

It is not known for certain how the equipment survived these rides, but the skiers themselves admitted that they were now fed up with sand. Literally and figuratively.