The inventor created a rotary dial mobile phone

This device, or rather a mobile phone, is likely to interest those who have found phones with a dial for dialing. The authorship belongs to the inventor and video blogger known under the pseudonym Mr. Volt.

This is not at all about competing with iPhones and their ultra-modern counterparts. For fans of the "retro" style, according to Mr. Volt, six main functions should be enough: make calls, save one number in memory, send SMS messages to it, listen to the radio, control the main parameters (battery charge, network status) and transfer the device into "sleep" mode.

And yet the main "highlight" of the phone is the dial. Unlike classic discs, the holes are much smaller, so for the set you will have to use an appropriate improvised tool such as a pen or pencil.

The panel houses a bright red switch, a small OLED display, as well as 2 buttons and a rotary switch. The phone has a built-in radio. You can tune in the desired station by turning the dial.

The phone case is a combination of aluminum, brass, wood and 3D plastic fragments. On the back panel there is a transparent window through which you can see how the number is dialed. It's worth mentioning right away - this thing won't fit in your pocket.