Hoverboard from Canada that can actually fly

In May last year, on Lake Huaro, Quebec, software engineer Alexander Duru set a world distance record on an Omni-designed hoverboard, flying almost 276 meters at an altitude of about 5 meters, more than five times the previous world record.

It took several years to create the hoverboard. The first prototype, according to Alexander, was a piece of wood with an engine and propeller attached to it. The record-breaking model has already been created by the Omni Hoverboards team led by Alexander. The body is made of carbon fiber, and the lifting force is provided by 8 screw motors powered by 16 lithium-polymer batteries.

The prototype is controlled by such a handle.

Alexander Duru and his team are currently developing a second, sleeker, more powerful and secure prototype, which they hope to complete in 2017.

“A lot of people envision the future with hoverboards in it, ” says Alexander, “and I think it's quite feasible.”