DARPA is holding a competition to create unusual weapons from ordinary objects

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA has announced an unusual project called Improv, in which almost any American with a penchant for invention can take part. Participants are required to show all their creativity and try to create weapons from ordinary objects, like the hero of the popular adventure series Angus MacGyver.

Everything is given only 5 days. During this time, participants are required to create, for example, deadly weapons from consumer electronics or harmless aircraft models. In addition to searching for talented inventors, DARPA plans to determine what their opponents are technically capable of - the "bad" guys who pose a threat to US interests. The prize fund of the project is 130, 000 dollars.

It is expected that the main participants in the Improv will be specialists in various fields - engineers, biologists, mechanics. Anything that, in its content, is a weapon or ammunition will be considered for consideration. The organizers of the project see the main goal in the emergence of technologies that can interest representatives of the defense department.