A device that unfolds plastic bottles into strong threads

The traditional technology for recycling plastic dishes is mainly reduced to shredding and further processing into other products. A completely new approach to recycling plastic bottles was proposed by the creators of a simple mechanical device costing only $ 17, which recently appeared on Kickstarter. With its help, recycling becomes available to everyone.

Tellingly, there are no electrical parts in it. The device consists of a wooden tripod and a metal attachment with a slot for a plastic bottle. To prepare it for "cutting", it is necessary to cut the bottom and level the surface if the bottle has a complex configuration. To do this, hold it over the fire a little. The easiest option is above the gas stove.

The finished bottle is inserted into a slot, where an incision is made using a special blade, which forms the future nylon thread. It remains to take this thread and pull it towards you. And then something unimaginable happens. The bottle begins to rotate and literally "bloom" before our eyes, turning into a strong thread.

If you have imagination and taste, you can make a lot of useful things from the resulting threads, from a towing cable for a car to decor items.