Engineer developed a gas powered lightsaber

We hasten to upset the scientists of laser laboratories around the world who are trying to invent a real lightsaber - it is already too late.

On the eve of the premiere of Star Wars: Episode 7, YouTube user and engineer Allen Pan posted a video of a homemade lightsaber. In a short video, Allen demonstrates his invention, lights a cigarette from it and deftly sets fire to the balloons.

The unique lightsaber has been assembled from existing components. The shell of a replica of Skywalker's sword came up as a body, and the most important element was an injector from a turkey cooking stove. To bring all these parts together, the author had to print several parts on a 3D printer.

To create a "death ray" is used a mixture of methanol and acetone, which you need to fill the sword with a syringe. Next, butane is added to the mixture as a propellant.

The result is a weapon that is dangerous not so much for the enemy as for its owner. We suspect that a lot can go wrong when using it, so we urge you not to try to do this at home.

Be that as it may, the gas-powered lightsaber is highly susceptible to wind, unlikely to cut through steel anytime soon, and requires extreme care. But it boasts a spectacular appearance.