How to turn a smartphone into a 3D projector in ten minutes?

For the first time, we saw holographic projectors in science fiction films, but today they have become a reality, although not accessible to everyone due to their high cost.

Recently, a video appeared on YouTube about how you can build a compact 3D projector from pieces of an old CD box, glued with tape in the form of a pyramid, and a smartphone.

First, you should arm yourself with a sheet of graph paper, a pen and a ruler and use them to draw the sides of a trapezoid measuring 1 x 3.5 x 6 cm.Using a paper template, a sharp knife or glass cutter, you can start making the pyramid itself from an old CD case ...

The cut parts are glued together with adhesive tape. The made pyramid should be installed on the smartphone display and a special YouTube video should be launched. To obtain an image, you must provide a perfect all-round view (360 degrees). The sides of the pyramid, made from the CD box, will provide a projection image from the display.

As a result, your gaze will see an object hovering in the air, as on full-fledged holographic projectors.