An amateur created a miniature copy of the Boston Dynamics robot

You've probably seen the footage in which the famous four-legged robots from Boston Dynamics successfully move, overcome difficult obstacles and carry loads. Robotics enthusiast Max followed in the footsteps of the DARPA division and developed a cheap and easy-to-assemble quadrobot, very similar to his "adult" counterpart.

“For a long time, I have been amazed at the success of the Boston Dynamics walking robots. Their robotic trot, developing up to 26 km / h, has been on everyone's lips for the whole last year. But for some reason, it was believed that four-legged robots could not really be made with your own hands, this requires a huge amount of money and skills. But is it?" - explains Max.

With the help of his knowledge of electronics and a sufficient limited set of parts, Max was able to build a four-legged robot, as closely as possible to one of the creations of Boston Dynamics. Here are some videos of Max's "first steps":

The supporting structure is designed from scraps of 5mm acrylic glass. Max decided to use common threaded bolts and nuts to secure all the pieces together. For limb movement, miniature servos for $ 40 are responsible, which are controlled by the Arduino MEGA kit. And the robot's eyes are video cameras installed in its "bow" part.

Max's robot and its living prototype

Of course, Max's robot still has a lot to learn. But, perhaps, this is one of the most original homemade robots, showing us that it is not necessary to work in DARPA to create amazing things.