Enthusiast builds a Lego musical machine that plays an electronic beat

A ball of wires and Lego Technic bricks have merged into a mishmash of technology and a children's designer - before us is a wonderful device Play House, and it can play electronic music. The strange device was designed by programmer and Lego enthusiast Alex Olmont for the AudioGraft music festival held recently in Oxford.

At first, it looks more like a kid's craft than a serious creation by a Lego fanatic. It buzzes and wiggles, but not at all impressive at first sight. One has only to put on the headphones connected to the device, and the true purpose of the device becomes obvious. Welcome to the world of sound.

The version compiled for the festival even used real drums

All elements of a complex musical machine are laid out on the table top. To extract the sound, the Roland TB303 synthesizer is used, one of those that spawned the house music direction in the 80s.

According to the inventor himself, the original version of Play House was even more complex and used a random number generator and real drums. But even the simplified version of the equipment assembled after the festival will impress not only Lego fanatics. See for yourself.