How to make a robot with your own hands

Today we will tell you how to make a robot using improvised means. The resulting "high-tech android", although it will be small and unlikely to help you with the housework, will certainly amuse both children and adults.

Materials Required

In order to make a robot with your own hands, you do not need knowledge of nuclear physics. This can be done at home from ordinary materials that are always at hand. So, what we need:

  • 2 pieces of wire
  • 1 motor
  • 1 AA battery
  • 3 push pins
  • 2 pieces of foam board or similar material
  • 2-3 heads of old toothbrushes or some paper clips

1. Attaching the battery to the motor

Using a glue gun, attach a piece of foam board to the motor housing. Then we glue the battery to it.

2. Destabilizer

This step may seem confusing. However, to make a robot, you need to make it move. We put a small oblong piece of foam board on the motor axis and fix it with a glue gun. This design will imbalance the motor, which will set the entire robot in motion.

At the very end of the destabilizer, drop a couple of drops of glue, or attach some kind of decorative element - this will add individuality to our creation and increase the amplitude of its movements.

3. Legs

Now you need to equip the robot with lower limbs. If you will be using toothbrush heads for this, glue them to the bottom of the motor. The same foam board can be used as an interlayer.

4. Wires

The next step is to attach our two pieces of wire to the contacts of the motor. You can simply screw them on, but it would be even better to solder them, this will make the robot more durable.

5. Battery connection

Using a heat gun, glue the wire to one end of the battery. You can choose any of the two wires and either side of the battery - polarity does not matter in this case. If you are good at soldering, you can also use soldering instead of glue for this step.

6. Eyes

A pair of beads, which we attach with hot glue to one of the ends of the battery, are quite suitable as the eyes of the robot. At this step, you can show your imagination and come up with the appearance of the eyes at your discretion.

7. Startup

Now let's animate our homemade product. Take the free end of the wire and attach it to the unoccupied battery terminal with adhesive tape. Do not use hot melt glue for this step, as this will prevent you from turning off the motor if necessary.

The robot is ready!

And here's what our homemade robot might look like if you show more imagination:

And finally a video: