Constructor phone for $ 200

It's no secret that most modern mobile devices are assembled in factories located in China and other developing countries. But one of the developers of the Arduino hardware platform invites users to build their own phone on their own.

The developer of the Arduino hardware platform named David Melis has created a constructor from which anyone can assemble a cell phone. Such a phone is capable of making and receiving phone calls and SMS messages. It also displays the date and time, saves contacts in its memory and has an alarm clock.

The phone consists of 60 electronic components, and its body can be cut on a laser milling machine from any material - veneer, plywood, plastic, etc. The device was based on the Arduino GSM Shield platform with GSM support, and as a display, two options - a monochrome screen and a panel with an LED eight-position matrix.

The cost of a unique design phone is about 200 US dollars.