What the world's only 18-string guitar can do

Fanatic guitarist Jared Dines has always dreamed of his own instrument with more than 17 strings. Not a handicraft, but a full-fledged guitar to participate in concerts, but he did not have the necessary skills to create one. In addition, there was a complete fiasco with the first copy - an American compatriot took $ 1200 and cheated, sent a cheap constructor from parts from an online store. And then Dines threw out a cry: who can help me make my dream come true?

His savior was the Australian wizard Perry Ormsby, a professional musician and guitar maker. He constructed a monstrous miracle of art called "Djent 2018". This is a complete 18-string guitar that tunes like this: A, E, B, G, D, A, E, B, F #, C #, G #, D #, E, B, F #, C #, G # and D #. According to the happy Dines, it took him 2 hours to get the first setup out of habit.

The 2018 Djent body is crafted from regular and Tasmanian ebony, with mahogany inlays and carbon fiber hardware. Ormsby designed the bridge, head and pegs, saddles and pickups from scratch, so that a musician could handle so many strings. The neck in the center is decorated with inlaid with the owner's face, the neck has a backlit logo of the master himself, and the body is weighted with a real stone slab - for solidity.

Dines and Ormsby unveiled the wonder guitar Djent 2018 together at the NAMM show in Anaheim, California last month. Ormsby claims that he created a guitar in a single copy and will not make copies. But if someone wants something similar, a custom-made handmade guitar, then focus on the price tag of $ 3 thousand and above.