Leonardo da Vinci's engineering projects to appear at an exhibition in London

Leonardo da Vinci is an example of the fact that a real genius is great in everything. The outstanding talent of an artist in him harmoniously coexisted with the talent of an unsurpassed engineer, whose projects and inventions were centuries ahead of their time.

On February 10, 2016, an exhibition dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci's engineering projects will open at the Science Museum in London, featuring 39 models created from his drawings in 1952.

Without any special technical training, he was driven by an immense thirst for knowledge, drawing inspiration from the natural world.

So, when designing aircraft, he copied the bodies of birds and bats. More than 300 years before the outbreak of the First World War, Leonardo developed the design of an armored vehicle, propelled by massive mechanical wheels.

And in its propeller, the prototype of the blades of modern aircraft turboprop and marine engines is guessed.

He anticipated the appearance of a parachute, a diving suit, a machine gun, keeled cannonballs, in which modern shells are guessed.

He developed a project for a mobile mechanized bridge - the "ancestor" of modern bridges used to ferry troops across water obstacles.