Concorde's successor - Airbus AS2 will fly from London to New York in three hours

The first private supersonic passenger aircraft, the AS2, could take off in six years. Currently, Airbus and Aerion are looking for a suitable site for the production facilities of the future enterprise. If everything goes according to plan, the first test flight will take place in 2021, and regular flights will begin in another two years.

The AS2, a business jet, will fly at 1960 km / h, almost as fast as its illustrious predecessor, the Concorde. In the design of the wing, fuselage, landing gear and fuel system, it is planned to widely use hydrocarbon fiber. The special shape of the wings will provide a 20% reduction in air resistance, which will significantly reduce fuel consumption and increase the flight range.

AS2 will carry 12 passengers in exquisite comfort. All major components will be supplied by Airbus, while partners from Aerion will take over the financing and final assembly. The estimated cost of the project is $ 100 million.