Russia has developed an engine for the aerospace aircraft of the future

A promising development was presented as part of the traditional annual show of technical innovations of the Russian Army. The team of military engineers of the Academy of Missile Forces has developed a combined engine of a combat aircraft, which, possibly, in the future, will have to perform a complex of tasks of a military and civilian orientation.

We are talking about a unique system capable of operating (depending on the location of the aircraft) in air or rocket mode. In other words, a space plane will “feel” equally comfortable in the atmosphere and in space.

The future combat aerospace complex takes off from a conventional runway, like a fighter-interceptor, which, for example, having received a task to eliminate warheads of ballistic missiles, will rush into near space, and, having completed the task, will return to the "airplane" mode to your base. At the initial and final stages, the engine runs on kerosene, and in space it switches to methane and gaseous oxygen.

Two enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex and NPO Molniya responded to the offer of military rocket engineers to take part in the project of the future aircraft.