Boeing patented the concept of an unusual aircraft for transporting containers

Freight containers are a universal means of transporting goods on almost all types of land and sea transport. However, for air transportation, their rectangular shape is not entirely convenient, therefore, only a few containers can be placed in the aircraft's cargo compartment, which has a circular cross-section.

Boeing last week patented a concept for a transport aircraft specifically designed to carry a large number of containers. In it, they will be located across the fuselage in a dense row. The aerodynamic body will "dress" on top of it.

The hull of a flying container ship is somewhat reminiscent of a giant eraser with a spherical cockpit. The aircraft will fly using four powerful turboprop engines installed in the upper part of the wings at an altitude of about 5500 meters.

The new Boeing will provide an alternative to efficient, low-cost, but slow land and sea vehicles. A large number of containers transported by air will significantly reduce the cost of their delivery.