The largest sea wave generator in the world created in Holland

As you know, a significant part of the territory of the Netherlands (total area 41, 526 sq. Km) is below sea level, which makes it extremely vulnerable to devastating floods. It is no coincidence that this country is the recognized world leader in flood management technologies. Confirmation of this is the unique, unparalleled system of dams, locks and barriers - Delta Works.

To continue their research, Dutch scientists have developed the world's largest sea wave generator, with which they can simulate possible floods and even tsunami waves. The complex contains 9 million liters of water. The water is in a giant reservoir 300 meters long and 10 meters high.

According to ecologist Dr. Bridgie van Vesenbeck, the unique complex is supposed to strengthen the barriers that prevent storm surges, as well as improve natural systems - coastal sand dunes and grass-covered dams.

Scientists have now completed testing the wave generator. Commissioning is expected in October.