TRIFAN-600 - an airplane that does not need an airport

XTI Aircraft, based in Denver, Colorado, has crowdfunded a TRIFAN-600 six-seat vertical take-off passenger aircraft to raise the required $ 50 million for its production.

The aircraft belongs to the category of "business jet". Its main feature is the ability to take off and land outside airports on small asphalt areas, like a helicopter. For this purpose, the TRIFAN-600 has three engines.

During takeoff, all three operate in "helicopter" mode, and after climb, two of them turn into a horizontal plane, and the plane continues its normal flight. This closes the third lift motor.

To reach a cruising speed of 640 km / h, the liner needs only 90 seconds. The flight range of TRIFAN-600 is from 1300 to 1900 km. Representatives of the company assured that modern proven technologies were used in its development, which can guarantee trouble-free operation.

The launch of the TRIFAN-600 series production will entirely depend on the financing of the project.