Inside the Google data center

Google has shown millions of Internet users the insides of huge data centers, where information from millions of computers from all over the world is received and processed every second. This is where the answers to our searches are located, and the huge database of YouTube videos is stored.

Currently, the Internet giant has more than 100 thousand "storages" - servers scattered around the world, which provides the ability to communicate between users on the Jupiter network, operating at a speed of 10 Gbps.

As one of the Google employees, Amin Vahdat, admitted, the management of the search giant came to the need to create data processing centers (DPC) and equip them with special equipment and the necessary infrastructure 10 years ago.

Google data centers are currently one of the largest in the world. Its main branches are located in Berkeley County (South Carolina), Council Bluffs (Iowa), Douglas (Georgia), Mace County (Oklahoma), Lenoir (North Carolina), Dulles (Oregon), Hamina (Finland) and St. Belgium). New centers are under construction in Kilikura (Chile) in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Photographer Connie Zhou has provided several photos of the interior of the data center, which amaze the imagination with its technical equipment.