Chilean engineers have created a bicycle with an original anti-theft device

Alas, bicycles, like cars, are often stolen. This is especially true for prestigious, expensive models. Even very reliable anti-theft devices are powerless before the sophistication of the hijackers. And here is a new attempt to resist intruders.

The anti-theft design, created by Chilean engineers, is called Yerka. In normal mode, it is part of the bike, but to put it "on the hook", you have to do a few simple manipulations.

First, you need to transform the frame. To do this, a special coupling in its central part is shifted downward, and the frame is opened into two parts. After that, the seat is dismantled, fixed on a strong metal tube. Then the tube is passed through special holes in the bent frame and the lock in its lower part securely fixes the structure.

A bike equipped with a Yerka device is best placed on a light pole or a not very thick tree trunk. The authors of the invention, young Chilean engineers Cristobal Cobello, Andres Roy Eggers and Juan Jose Monsalier, have already released the first batch of 300 pieces, of which 100 have already found their owners at a price of $ 300. In the future, their price may rise to $ 500.