Tetra-POD - Multifunctional Clamshell Trailer

At first glance, the Tetra-POD resembles a conventional caravan, in which you can transport everything that can fit there, open and closed. However, having familiarized yourself with its device in more detail, you will find that the trailer can be transformed into a boat.

The Tetra-POD multifunctional trailer was developed by the American company Alberta's Predator Plastics in 2013. For those who love travel, he is a real find.

To make a boat out of a trailer, it is enough to throw off the top cover and fix the resulting structure with special metal rods. It remains only to install a boat motor on it, and everything is ready to continue the trip or fishing.

Hunting enthusiasts will surely appreciate the Tetra-POD, as they can also effortlessly make a mobile hunting shelter out of it. And for small work teams and summer residents, a universal trailer will become a common device for transporting building materials, tools, gardening tools, hunting, fishing trophies or harvested crops.

The trailer with a capacity of 765 liters is made of light and durable plastic, which can accommodate a load weighing 907 kg. The undercarriage is equipped with a locking system, a gas shock absorber and a body lift mechanism. The Tetra-POD is supported on an axle with robust walking arms that can withstand rough terrain.

The cost of the trailer, depending on the model, is from $ 2995 to $ 3495.