How modern designers see the aviation of the future

Discussions about what the aviation of the future should be like continues. As a result, completely unusual projects appear, which, given the rapid development of technologies, are waiting for their implementation in the coming years.

Oscar Wynals is an enthusiastic aviation designer known for developing daring concepts for the aircraft of the future. One of his last works is the design of the whale liner - AWWA Sky Whale. And here's another novelty - the AWWA-QG Progress Eagle, a passenger three-deck eco-friendly airliner powered by hydrogen engines, which, as the author suggests, will make its first flight in 2030.

According to Vynals, the plane will resemble a flying eagle generating its own energy, and the flight will be completely silent, thanks to the rear-mounted engines. Additional power will be added by wind turbines and solar panels on the roof and fenders.

The AWWA-QG Progress Eagle will be able to take on board up to 800 passengers, which is almost 300 people more than the most spacious modern airliners. In the front of the aircraft there will be a new class of passengers - "pilot-class" with a forward panoramic view.

There will also be private premises, as well as shops and restaurants. Staying for many hours on board an airplane can be compared to relaxing in a comfortable hotel room. According to Oscar Vinals, about 40% of the technologies needed to build the liner are already in place.