Pedi-Scope helps cyclists relax on the go

Many cyclists have probably experienced neck pain from prolonged muscle tension during many hours of riding, which can be avoided (at least temporarily) by slightly tilting their head forward. But what if you need to constantly monitor the road?

Brooklyn-based designer Mike Lane has created an original device - Pedi-Scope, which attaches to the handlebars of a bicycle. With its help, the cyclist can calmly tilt his head without fear of losing control of the roadway.

The principle of operation of Pedi-Scope is very simple: the cyclist reviews the panorama in front using three adjacent prisms. In the commercial version, Mike Lane intends to set one broad prism.

According to the creator, the device will find its use both in urban environments and in long-distance country trips. Mike is currently looking for investors through Kickstarter. Once the production of pediscops is established, it can be purchased for $ 39.